Centre For Rural Development (CRD)

Centre For Rural Development (CRD)

The main objective is to improve the living standards of rural people by utilizing the easily available natural and human resources.  The other objectives of rural development programmers are as follow:

  1. Development of agriculture and allied activities with local resources.
  2. Development of village and cottage industries and handicrafts SHGs.
  3. Development of socio-economic infrastructure which includes setting up of rural banks, co-operatives, schools etc.
  4. Development of community services and facilities i.e. drinking water, electricity, rural roads, health services etc.
  5. Development of Human resource mobilization.
  6. Sensitizing the students by exposing them to the real situations and involve them in welfare activities there by inculcating the moral obligations, social values and to train them in planning, organizing and execution of events and programmes.

To fulfil the dreams of Mahatma Gandhi and Mahakavi Bharathi by, enlightening and empowering the rural folk with self-initiative and active participation for their own upliftment.


  • To organize awareness programmes on Health and Social Issue in rural areas of Pollachi and Udumalaipettai Taluks.
  • To organize programmes to empower the rural youths by associating them with the Government and Non- Governmental Organizations.
  • To identify and promote sports talents among school children.
  • To provide cultural and Recreational Programmes for the locals.

‘India lives in her villages’ are the words of Mahatma Gandhi. But the question here is whether we keep this in our mind while planning for any phenomenal change state of affairs of the Indian villages are not up to the expected level of growth and development and still they need prime focus. Though the State has the ultimate responsibility to uplift these villages and their inhabitants, many a time these welfare and developmental works are shared by the CVBOs, NGOs, philanthropists and Corporate in the name of CSR. As we all know that our Board of Management of Management has an inherent philosophy of concern for the society in general and passion for rural development in specific. With this ideal the Centre for Rural Development was established in 2011 to indentify the left over areas of development in the villages in and around Pollachi and Udumalaipettai areas. The major focus of this centre is socio economic development ,health and hygiene, empowerment of the marginalized and downtrodden. In this journey the ‘STCians’ are the messiah who take the initiatives of this centre to the needy and deserved. ‘STCians’ are camphor who, when given an opportunity, will get the essence instantly and execute the programme with a positive mindset which gives positive results. The Board has given me the opportunity to enter into an MoU with Tamilnadu Agricultural University to cater the needs of the villagers by way of agricultural innovative practices and improved live- stock rearing .I’m confident that with the moral support of the Board of Management, foresighted initiatives of CfRD and active participation of the Faculty and students the dream of the Father of the nation and the philosophy of STC would be achieved within a time frame without any doubt. The core idea behind our activities is mainly to groom the youth with service mentality and to develop their personality so as to make them better citizens.



Mr. S.Venkkatesh                             Chairman, STC
Lion.M.A.Vijayamoghan                    Vice –Chairman, STC
Lion.T.Sethupati                                Secretary, STC
Dr.M.Settu                                        Director, General, STC

Lion M.Shanmugam                          (Ex.MLA) Pollachi-Taluk.
Lion K.G.Ramakrishnamoorthy          Ex-Lion’s International President.
Rtn.Shivakumar                                 General Manager, Sakthi Soyas Ltd.,Pollachi.
Rtn.R.Pramesh Kumar                       Raja Pharma,Pollachi.
Advocate S.Somasundaram              Deputy Collector(Retd),Coimbatore.

Details of 13 camps conducted:

  • Villages Covered : 71
  • Number of Patients treated   : 2001
  • Number underwent cataract surgery : 223

Eye Camp at Vadakkipalayam in 2014


Eye Camp at Samathur in 2015



  • To complete the proposed eye camps in Udumalaipettai Taluk with the help of local Rotary and Lion’s clubs as the Government schools are insisting for permission from authorities.
  • All the   ‘ STCians’   will be declared as CSR Ambassadors and students belong to a particular village will be in charge of that village for the implementation of programmes designed by CfRD. Our students have the choice of joining hands with local lads, irrespective of the institution they are studying.
  • The students will be trained in batches to execute the programmes.
  • The local body representatives, CBOs and local school children could well be invited and involved.
  • Both in the college campus and in the villages, the students are encouraged to plant saplings on their birthdays and the same may be advised to other children in their villages.
  • Solid waste management – with the help of local bodies sensitizing the rural people students will be involved in segregation of bio degradable and non bio degradable wastes in simple ways and with cheap and available resources.
  • Students will be motivated to go for school enrolment drive, survey on school drop outs and home visit to convince the parents and to educate them about the importance of education.
  • The social issues such as Child labour, bonded labour, addiction, road safety , domestic violence, open air defecation will be addressed by organising flash mob, street plays, mime and skit . Creating awareness on State and Central schemes and eligibility for the same among the women and youth from marginalised section.
  • Skill development training will be organised for the rural unemployable youth after getting necessary sanction from the NSDC giving special attention to the local needs.
  • The best performers will be awarded and felicitated.


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