UG Computer Science

UG Computer Science


The Department of UG Computer Science was established in the year 1997, with 14 years of successful completion and student strength of about 373. The future of Computing and IT systems rests here. A band of dedicated and resourceful teachers prepare the students to fit into the modern IT environment. Excellent infrastructure and Library are available. The Department has done exceedingly well since its inception. The department’s mission is to advance, evolve and enhance knowledge in Computer Science and to build the intellectual capital of technical competence among the students. The department possesses a core team of competent faculty and well equipped laboratories with state of the art equipments. The vibrant faculty members of the department possess demonstrated expertise in many areas of information technology and flair for teaching different courses. The courses offered by the department provides a solid technical background and real time experience with the employability skills to handle the most demanding aspects of information systems.



To edify our students on multiple programming paradigms and to disseminate knowledge through education in the theory as well application of computing and contribute to society.


  • Provide excellent undergraduate education in a state-of-the-art environment, preparing students for careers as computer professionals in industry, government and academia
  • Advance the quality and impact of our research and educational experiences, improving our position nationally and internationally
  • Support extracurricular activities that help our students prepare for their career development, lifelong learning and professional growth


  • To Transform the students to meet the industrial needs
  • To produce the students with Professional Ethics
  • To embark the creative and scholarly activities of faculty and incorporate those activities with curriculum development.

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