• The objective of learning Tamil is to train and discipline the minds of students  by imbibing in them the values of life, ethical codes and the various aspects of life.
  • To create in them an awareness about the trend in modern thoughts and current events.


To get the best of talents out of students and make them excellent in education and leadership traits.


To develop the Department of Tamil as an excellent research centre.


To unearth  the virtues, the great skills and talents in Tamil among students by offering them  high quality education.


  • Workshops and guest lectures are conducted to enable the students think on their own in addition to teaching.
  • To produce students with good creativity and a flair for education
  • To transform students into excellent citizens by inculcating in them the values of life right from Sangam literature till date.


  • Sangam literature
  • Kapiyangal
  • Bakkthi Ilakiyankal
  • Aara lakiyankal
  • Modern literature
  • Sithar Ilakiyankal
  • Self study
  • Journalism
  • Approach to IAS  exams
  • Tourism
  • Right To Information ACT RTI


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