Master of Social Work (MSW)

Master of Social Work (MSW)

Duration : 2 years
Eligibility : Any UG Degree


A Masters degree in social work (MSW) enables one to acquire a thorough knowledge about the structure of the society and the various problems faced by the different groups – ethnic, communal or otherwise of the society. It helps to create a sense of social awareness in the minds of the holders of the degree, ignites and motivates the learners to become socially committed for eradicating every illness which prevents the people from moving up. Right from forming various organizations for helping the deserted women, the destitute, the orphans, the aged, the differently abled, the divorced and the mentally challenged etc. The degree holder with his/her vast knowledge in diverse social welfare programmes of the government as well as the private organizations can serve the society better.

Besides, the student stands better in career options and can become a social worker or an instructor in any industry or Industrial Training Center and get placed in social organizations, HRD of the Government or private institutions and in overseas like Canada, Ireland, USA, UAE etc.,


  •  Introduction to Social Work Profession
  • Indian Social Structure
  • Dynamics of Human Behaviour
  • Social Case Work
  • Field Work Practical – I
  • Social Group Work
  • Foundation of Counselling and Practices
  • Social Welfare Administration & Social Legislations
  • Community Organisation and Social Action
  • Social Work and Disability Management
  • Rural Camp and Field Work Practical – II
  • Social Work Research and Statistics
  • Labour Welfare and Industrial Relations
  • Social Work Interventions in Medical Setting
  • Rural Economy and Co-operation
  • Human Resource Management
  • Hospital Planning and Management
  • Rural Community Development
  • Labour Legislations
  • Foundation of Psychiatry – I
  • Welfare of Weaker Sections
  • Summer Internship and Field Work Practical – III
  • Disaster Management
  • Event Management and Social Marketing
  • Statutory Enforcement & Case Laws
  • Foundation of Psychiatry – II
  • Urban Community Development
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Social Work Interventions in Psychiatry Settings
  • Social Entrepreneurship & NGO Management
  • Research Project
  • Field Work Practical – IV

M.Phil & PhD Social Work 

S.No Name of the Guide Guide Recognition Number
1 Dr. R. Anbuselvi 005125/A2/2016
2 Dr.  Shoby Varghese  C 22168/A2/2016
3 Dr. K. Parthasarathy 009040/A2/2016


S.No Name of the Guide Name of the Scholars M.Phil / PhD
Status of the Scholars
1 Dr. R. Anbuselvi B. Shankar Anandh M.Phil (PT) Pursuing
P.Ramesh Kumar M.Phil (PT) Pursuing
John Lesson P PhD (PT) Pursuing
Baily Vincent PhD (PT) Submitted
Jeya Ganesh. K PhD (PT) Pursuing
Raja Rajan. S PhD (PT) Pursuing
Rebecca Hannah. R PhD (PT) Pursuing
K.C. Antony PhD (PT) Pursuing
Abdul Azeez  E.P PhD (FT) Pursuing
Monisha .U PhD (FT) Pursuing
2 Dr.  Shoby Varghese  C Fayiz  K.P PhD (PT) Pursuing
Lijo Jacob PhD (PT) Pursuing
Anfi Vallath PhD (PT) Pursuing
Dileesh Varghese PhD (PT) Pursuing
Mini M.V. PhD (PT) Pursuing
Ajeesh K.G PhD (PT) Pursuing
Shiju Ealias PhD (PT) Pursuing
3 Dr. K. Parthasarathy Dintomon .P.D M.Phil (PT) Pursuing
Blithe Sudhar .E M.Phil (PT) Pursuing
S. Vijay PhD (PT) Pursuing
Anish Thankachan PhD (PT) Pursuing
Shanmugam. K PhD (PT) Pursuing
Nagarajan .E PhD (PT) Pursuing
Ganesh Kumar .M PhD (PT) Pursuing
Christuraj .L PhD (PT) Pursuing
Sandra R PhD (FT) Pursuing

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