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Certificate & Diploma Courses

The current Indian higher education has undergone radical changes thanks to the re-orientation and reshaping of the Indian education policy by the UGC. It is envisaged that professionally qualified graduates with a sound knowledge of their core disciplines, expertise and training in specific skills will have more openings and opportunities in science, industry and self-employment sectors. In fact, the demand for such professionally trained graduates is on the increase now in the applied fields of almost all basic or core disciplines. To meet this challenge in the changing global scenario, the UGC has introduced and incorporated skill oriented, value added and career – oriented courses in Colleges and Universities to be pursued by students as a parallel sub–discipline while planning their degree level education. The career-oriented programmes offered by the UGC in three stages are:

1. A Certificate Course
2. A Diploma Course and
3. An Advanced Diploma Course

To begin with, one has to take up the certificate course in a subject and move on vertically to Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses every year and when he/ she completes graduation, there will be a degree, a certificate, a diploma and an Advanced Diploma on hand. Sree Saraswathi Thyagaraja College has grabbed the opportunity to introduce these UGC sponsored career- oriented programmes which are mainly need based and employment oriented. The objective of introducing these career, market oriented and skill enhancing courses is to enable the students to get a Certificate / Diploma / Advanced Diploma in any of the career oriented courses along with a conventional degree in Science / Arts / Commerce / Management / Literature etc.

Career Prospects
Career-Oriented courses ensure job opportunities and employability of students. With these three levels of courses a student can become an employee, an employer or a consultant or an entrepreneur. It is for the students to choose a course for their career prospects and bright future.

Office Automation and Web-Designing

Certificate Course
  • Programming in HTML
  • PC Software Tools
  • MS Office and HTML
  • Lab  Project
Diploma Course
  • JAVA Script & PHP
  • Scripting Lab
  • Project
Advanced Diploma Courses
  • VB Dot Net
  • C# Dot Net
  • Dot Net Lab
  • Project

Client Server Technology

Certificate Course
  • Client / Server Fundamentals
  • Office Automation and Internet Applications
  • Practical I: Office Automation Lab
  • In – house / Industrial Training
Diploma Course
  • Advanced Networking
  • RDBMS with Oracle
  • Practical II: RDBMS Lab
  • Practical III: Network
  • LabProject & Viva-Voce
Advanced Diploma Courses
  • Distributed Computing
  • Mobile Computing WAP
  • Practical IV: WML Lab
  • Project & Viva Voce


Certificate Course
  • Principles and Practice of Life and Health Insurance
  • Principles and Practice of General Insurance
  • Insurance Law
  • Training
Diploma Course
  • Reinsurance
  • Insurance Marketing 
  • Marine Insurance
  • Training
Advanced Diploma Courses
  • Principles and Practice of Risk Management and Insurance
  • Insurance Business Environment
  • Insurance Management Accounting
  • Project & Viva Voce

Information and Computer Technology

Certificate Course
  • Introduction to Information Technology
  • Visual Basic Programming
  • Visual Basic Programming Lab
  • In-house / Industrial Training
Diploma Course
  • RDBMS using Oracle 
  • Computer Networks
  • Practical II (Oracle)
  • Project & Viva Voce
Advanced Diploma Courses
  • VB.Net
  • Web Designing
  • Practical III: Web Designing
  • Project & Viva-Voce


Certificate Course
  • Introduction to Information Technology
  • Internet and Web Design
  • Internet and Web Design – Lab
  • Project Work / Training
Diploma Course
  • E-Commerce -1
  • Visual Basic 
  • Visual Basic – Lab
  • Project Work / Training
Advanced Diploma Courses
  • E-Commerce – 2
  • Cyber Law
  • Visual Basic (Lab-II)
  • Project Work / Training

.Net Programming

Certificate Course
  • Fundamentals of VB.Net
  • Fundamentals of ASP .Net
  • Net Programming Lab
  • In house / Industrial Training
Diploma Course
  • Web Programming
  • Java Script Programming
  • Web Programming Lab
  • Project / Viva Voce
Advanced Diploma Courses
  • Advanced VB.Net
  • Advanced ASP.Net
  • Advanced .Net Programming Lab
  • Project / Viva-Voce

Foreign Trade Policy

Certificate Course
  • India’s Foreign Trade
  • Foreign Trade Procedures – I
  • Executive Communication
Diploma Course
  • Foreign Exchange Management
  • Foreign Trade Procedures – II
  • Shipping and Port Management
  • Internship Training
Advanced Diploma Courses
  • Risk Management in International Marketing & Foreign Exchange
  • Logistics Management
  • International Air Transport Association – IATA
  • Project / Viva-Voce


Certificate Course
  • Multimedia and its Applications
  • Introduction to FLASH
  • Practical I: Working in FLASH
  • In-house or Industrial Training
Diploma Course
  • Advanced Concepts in Multimedia
  • Photoshop
  • Practical II: Working in Photoshop
  • Project & Viva Voce
Advanced Diploma Courses
  • Multimedia Information Networking
  • Corel & Dream Weaver
  • Practical III: Working in Dreamweaver
  • Project & Viva voce
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