Systems and Procedures for Maintainance

Systems and Procedures for Maintainance

S.No. Document Name Link
Physical Facilities
1 Maintenance Policy Statement View Details
2 Agreement copy of ‘WE CARE’ facilities for campus maintenance View Document
3 Purchase order of CCTV Camera View Document
4 AMC Document for Generator/UPS Maintenance View Document
5 Structure Stability Certificate for Institution View Document
6 Fire Service Licence View Document
7 Building Licence – FORM – D View Document
8 Academic Council Minutes for Established Maintenance Policy View Document
9 Agreement copy for canteen View Document
10 Canteen Licence Document View Document
11 Document for Solar Street Lamp View Document
Academic and Support Facilities
12 Invoice copy of Smart Classroom Equipments View Document
13 Invoice copy of Barcode Printer View Document
14 Invoice copy of Antivirus View Document
15 Invoice copy of LaserJet Printer View Document
16 Invoice copy of NETFOX Firewalls View Document
17 Invoice copy of Server – Cisco C240 M4 8 Bay View Document
18 Invoice copy of Wi-Fi Access Points View Document
19 Invoice copy of Latest purchased books, journals and subscription fees View Document
20 Receipt copy of DELNET View Document
21 Invoice copy of Solar/Wind Energy View Document
22 Invoice copy of UV Plants View Document
23 Certificate for Drinking Water View Document

Administrative Office

S.No Name Designation Contact No. E-Mail ID
1 Mr.S.Velayuthasamy Administrator Officer 9364312379 [email protected]
2 Mrs.G.Jayabharathi Junior Officer 8675885511/ 9884242421 [email protected]
3 Mrs.M. Karpagam Sr. Admin Asst 9894791918 [email protected]
4 Ms.R. Karpagam Admin Asst 9865402986 [email protected]
5 Ms.R.Indhu Priya Admin Asst 9578451527 [email protected]
6 Ms.J.Suganya Admin Asst 8220349394 [email protected]
7 Ms.S.Jothi Murugeswari Admin Asst 7293080370 [email protected]
8 Ms.V.Gayathri Admin Asst 9524976486 [email protected]
9 Mr.T.Venkateshwaramoorthy Attender 8508022418 [email protected]
10 Mr.P.Selvakumar Attender 7373540915 [email protected]
11 Mr.V.Chandraprabhu Attender 9865082293 [email protected]
12 Mr.A.Abuthakir Attender 9715397746 [email protected]
13 Mr.S.Murugan Attender 9095894944 [email protected]
14 Mr.N.Manokaran Attender 8508703563 [email protected]
15 Mr.M.Sabapathi Attender 9487361271 [email protected]
16 Mr.P.Sakthivel Attender 9790660209 [email protected]
17 Mr.B.Sabarivasan Attender 9487288235 [email protected]
18 Mr.E.S.K Ganapathy Driver 9842952820 [email protected]
19 Mr.K.Muthusamy Driver 9865523553 [email protected]

Finance Office

S.No Name Designation Contact No. E-Mail ID
1 Mr.B.Harinarayanan F.M 9842224150 [email protected]
2 Mrs.T.Maheswari Cashier 9942907402 [email protected]
3 Ms.P.Vanithamani Accounts Asst 9976958782 [email protected]
4 Mrs.E.Selvi Jasmine Accounts Asst 7502767617 [email protected]
5 Ms.M.Kavinandhini Accounts Asst 9444723898 [email protected]

Maintenance Office

S.No Name Designation Contact No. E-Mail ID
1 Mr.S.Vairavasundaram Electrician 9790551313 [email protected]
2 Mr.R.Sivakumar Attender 9750831393 [email protected]
3 Mr.V.M.Mohan Raj Maintenance I/C 9095490970 [email protected]
4 Mr.S.Vijayakumar S.O 9444297277 [email protected]
5 Mr.P.K.Kandhavel Mens Hostel Warden 9715821699 / 9382689485 [email protected]
6 Mrs.P.Amutha Womens Hostel Warden 9245311529 [email protected]

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