Institution Facilities

Institution Facilities

The Institution has adequate facilities for teaching – learning, viz, classroom, laboratories, computing equipment, etc

The infrastructure of the College is adequate to meet the requirements of its various stakeholders. College provides a conducive environment, adequate infrastructure and all necessary facilities for conducting the academic programmes, co-curricular, sports and other extra-curricular activities.

Maintenance department of the college maintains the quality of the existing building and classrooms.

Optimal Utilization is ensured by:

  • Utilization of class rooms, conference hall, laboratories and library is well planned in advance as per the requirements of the departments.
  • Each department is well furnished with ICT facilities
  • Meticulous planning of the schedule helps the optimal utilization of available infrastructure.

In keeping with rapid advancements in technology and demand for quality education, the College enhances the infrastructural facilities periodically

Instructional Area:

Smart Classrooms


ICT Enabled Classrooms




Computer Laboratories


Seminar Hall with ICT


Conference Hall




Administrative Office

Principal Room

Management Board Room


Administrative Office


Placement Office



Controller of Examinations


Director Rooms


Department Rooms


Dean Rooms


Supporting Centres

Centre for Counselling and Guidance


Utility Store



Men’s Hostel


Women’s Hostel



Men’s Common Room



Women’s Common Room

Medical Centre




Food Court


Security Office


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