Centre For Performing Arts

Centre For Performing Arts


  • To enhance and strengthen the mental and physical well being of persons and also build healthy social relations through performing arts. Unearthing and developing the outstanding personality traits of individuals to make lasting impact on society.
  • To establish a unique Tamil and Indian culture and tradition.


  • To promote different folk arts and dances among the youth by training them through experts in the concerned fields.
  • To promote individual talents among the youth in creative writing, oratory, fine arts and music.
  • To create awareness among the people and sensitize them on the socio- political, economic and gender issues.
  • To encourage the students to demonstrate their excellent creativity by providing them a suitable platform.

Profile of Dr.S.Venugopal
Department of Tamil, STC and Director,
Centre for Performing Arts.

Dr.S.Venugopal has been rendering his service as Assistant Professor of Tamil in several colleges for the past 14years.

  • He won the first prize for his best novel in the competition conducted by Kumudam and Air India jointly and in recognition of his literary contribution he was sent to USA on a tour of 3 months.
  • The United Writers Forum recognized him as the best among the writers and best owed upon him KU. Alagirisamy prestigious award in 2002.
  • Bharathiya Basha Academy, Kolkata recognized with the Yuvaprukshar Award in 2012 for his short story collection “Vennilai”
  • In 2015, the Kerala Cultural Academy honoured him with the best short story writer in Tamil.
  • In 2017, he received a cash award of Rs.5000/- as First Prize for his “Valasai” novel from the writers’ forum.
  • His short stories, short novel, etc have been translated into Malayalam, Kannada and English Language.
  • He has so far published more than fifty articles in literary journals.
  • He has presented not less than 50 literary research papers in conference and seminars held in Indian and abroad.
  • So far 14 of his literary works have been brought out in print.
  • He was the visiting professor in 2015 to the Singapore SIM University.
  • Representing the Vishnupuram literary circle, he has made speeches in the Singapore literary forum as one of the best speakers.
  • Right now he is employed as Asst Prof of Tamil at STC and has also assumed office as the director for the centre for performing Arts.

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