CRD focuses on cultivating a research culture in the institution by instilling research aptitude and interest among faculty and students through motivation, inspiration, capacitating and empowerment to carryout research activities in their respected area. 

The present strength of faculty members in STC is 148 and out of which 107 possess research degrees like MPhil /PhD or MPhil and PhD. Out of this, 77 are engaged in academic research activities like MPhil or PhD. Besides academic research like MPhil/PhD works, 10 faculty members are involved with Major/Minor Projects of UGC also. Thus a total of 87 faculties are involved in research. It explicates that 59 per cent of the total faculty members are doing research works.

Creating a research environment to promote research activities in the form of sending research proposals and projects for national and international agencies is the pivotal responsibility of CRD. A tremendous growth in the field of research is tangible with the creation of CRD as it performs in tandem with the founders’ vision to strengthen research activities. Faculty participates in research project activities financed by apex academic institutions of the country named University Grants Commission and Indian Council for Social Science Research. STC started to receive financial assistance in the year 2008. A total of 66 research projects have been completed and submitted before the concerned bodies.

Department Completed Ongoing Funding Agency Total
Principal 1 UGC 1
Tamil 4 UGC 4
Economics 4 4
Mathematics 5 UGC 5
PG Commerce 2 1 UGC/ICSSR 3
PG International Business 4 UGC 4
UG Commerce 10 UGC 10
Commerce (Computer Applications) 6 UGC 6
Commerce (Professional Accounting) 4 UGC 4
Commerce (Applied Business Accounting) 2 UGC 2
PG Computer Sciences 1 UGC 1
UG Computer Sciences 3 UGC 3
MCA 3 3
Computer Technology 2 UGC 2
Information Technology UGC
Social Work 2 UGC 2
Management (MBA) 5 UGC 5
Management (BBA) 4 UGC 4
Centre for Counselling and Guidance 2 UGC/ICSSR 2
Centre for Research and Development 1 MoPR 1
Total 66 1   67


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