Centre For Research & Development

Centre For Research & Development


To realize the mission of achieving national and international recognition in the field of education, STC focuses on research as the major futuristic endeavour. To give research an impetus in the institution an exclusive Centre has been created in 2010 called Centre for Research and Development (CRD). CRD focuses on cultivating research culture in the institution by instilling research aptitude and interest among faculty members and students through motivation, inspiration, capacitating and enabling them to carryout research activities in their niche area.

The prime objective of CRD is to create a research environment and culture by promoting research activities such as research projects, publications, research consultancy and trainings, Faculty research seminars and workshops as well as working paper series. It acts as a catalyst in imbibing cutting edge research ideas and methods among the faculty and students in the institution.

As significant member in various national and international organizations, CRD is pledged to contribute in achieving the goals set by the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDG) as well as Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). CRD adhered to make strategic alliances to address critical socio-economic problems faced by people in rural and marginal areas to bring out viable solutions with technology supported means. CRD plays an inevitable role in molding a new generation with research concepts, attitude and interest.

A Research Advisory Board (RAB) has been constituted with prominent personalities from different walks of life to strengthen the activities of CRD. Persons from Academia, Industry, Research, Development sector, Government sector, Agriculture, etc decorate the Board. An Internal Research Coordination Committee (IRCC) is also constituted with all Deans, Directors and Head of Departments under the Principal to monitor and supervise the research activities of CRD


Director – Centre For Research & Development
Sree Saraswathi Thyagaraja College,
Pollachi – 642107


CRD was established as a centre in STC with the good intention of promoting research culture among the faculty members and students in the Institution. CRD creates an enabling environment for the researchers to undertake innovative research work in the areas of their interest by providing technical support and linking them to funding agencies. As a centre, it encompasses all the departments including computer science, Management, Social work, Commerce and literature. Research area subsumes all the above fields and its research activities however transcend the mentioned areas. Being all pervasive centre, it provides a spectacular scope for interdisciplinary approach in all research activities. As a result, all the faculty members exhibit pertinence and perseverance in research and publication activities by focusing on socio-economic issues and marginalized sections of the society. It is evident and tangible from the number of sponsored projects completed by the faculty members of the centre for various national and international organizations.

CRD plays a significant role in establishing strategic alliance with national and international organizations. Centre has membership in host of international organizations such as ADB, DFID, USAID, Oxfam, UN organizations and so on. It provides ample opportunities to the researchers to know about the niche areas of research in different multilateral and bilateral organizations around the world and funding facilities available for the researcher’s niche areas.

CRD also facilitates the dissemination of the research works of the faculty members through publications, working papers and faculty research seminars. It creates a platform for researchers to showcase their work and talent. Much as it provides recognition for their work to the researchers, it also builds up a vibrant learning environment to the faculty members.

CRD epitomizes the mission of the institution in creating a learning environment and shares the vision of the management to become an institution of excellence in learning. In this pursuit, we are all partners and key stakeholders in making the vision reality in the shortest possible span of time. Let us be accountable and responsible to our primary stakeholders of student community. Let us join hands and put our heads together to achieve the vision.

Learn to Think and Think to Learn


  • To foster research culture in the institution
  • To address the development challenges in tune with the changing needs of the economy and society.
  • To address the problems of deprived sections of society and marginalised communities
  • To identify potential resources to promote sustainable local economic development
  • Create strategic alliances with national and international agencies to promote Research
  • Resource mobilisation to strengthen the research activities

Rigorous and systematic research is the ultimate means to overcome the critical challenges our nation facing today. STC is involved with rural society for more than a decade and wanted to become a development partner of the Nation and it resulted in the formation of this Centre


  • Commerce, Business and Industry
  • Technology and Development
  • Communication and Media Research
  • Globalisation and Economic Development
  • Poverty, Vulnerability and Social Security
  • Decentralisation and local self governance
  • Gender and Development
  • Sustainable Agriculture development
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Forest, Wildlife and Environment
  • Indigenous people, Knowledge, Heritage and Culture
  • Sustainable Livelihood System Development


Emerge as a Centre of Excellence through Research and Development


Synergise academia for the Development and Welfare of the Society


Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals of UN

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