Centre For Human Excellence

Centre For Human Excellence

STC is a renowned institution well known for its selfless societal concern. Centre for Human Excellence was installed with an elated notion of inculcating the seed of human tendency among students along with education. This center teaches ethics and culture, to nurture the mindset of the students and yoga to enable the students to control their mind and body. Societal concern is sown among the students through Vivekananda Club. This center aims in creating the students who will fulfill the dreams of Vivekananda and Abdul Kalam.


  • To enable the students in comprehending their real state and honor, through physical and psychological exercises. To achieve this state students are trained to self analyze their character thereby they can quell their highly emotional traits through appropriate meditation and training.


  • To reveal the hidden spirituality of the students.


  • To inculcate selfless societal concern in the mind set of the student’s, thereby converting them as pioneers in the society.


  • To revive the humane concerns that are in the verge of extinction.
  • To develop a selfless societal concern.
  • To develop unity and helping tendency.
  • To inculcate among students that Mother, father, Teacher, Nation, and God are the vital factors
  • To exemplify the life of saints and great leaders
  • To justify that sound mind is possible with a sound body, gained through physical exercise


Yoga is taught for both the first year UG and PG students as a part of the syllabus.

Swami Vivekananda Service Club

Swami Vivekananda Service club will conduct poetry, recitation, elocution, group songs, life history of a personality, through the movie, essay competitions for college and school students. Surya Namaskaram is taught to students.



1. Thiru. R.P.Pachaiappan
Pachayappa Foundation, R.P Group

2. Thiru. Nanjilnadan
Writer, Coimbatore

3. Mr. ‘Marabin maindhan‘ M. Muthaiya
Namathu Nambikkai , Coimbatore

4. Dr. K.Perumal
Director , WCSC – Vision Academy
Vision for Wisdom,Temple of Consciousness, Aliyar.

5. Thiru. S. V. Elango
President – Swami Vivekanandar Pani Mandram,
Aathi Suriya, Pollachi.

6. Moulavi. M.M.Mohammed Ismayil Imdhadhai
Correspondent –Hidhaaya Islamic College for Women, Coimbatore.

7. Dr. P.Willington Jebaraj
CEO – Horeb HR Spectrum, Coimbatore.

8. Thiru.P.K.Mylsamy
Advocate, Pollachi

9. Thiru.P.John Peter
Coimbatore kitchen Equipment (PVT)

10. Ms.Hemalatha Manoharan
Advocate and Professor in WCSC – Vision Academy
Aliyar, Pollachi.

Special Guest

Asst.Professor in Tamil
Faculty of Tamil, Indian Languages & Rural Arts,
Gandhigram Rural Institute



Centre for human excellence’s prime focus is on enriching the spiritual and ethical values of the students. Education combined with societal concern, will always serve as a better platform in shaping the course of the country . As the director of Centre for Human Excellence, I feel it is my poignant   responsibility in nurturing the students with the golden values of our country. Sustaining the humane trait within us is the need of the hour, which the Centre for Human Excellence does with ardent passion and sincerity. India is the soil of elated spiritual thoughts. The prime need of the hour is to carry on the spirituality of our ancestor to the generation which is engulfed with technicalities Reducing the technocrats within us and inducing the spiritual urge within us is the motto of the Centre for Human Excellence.

Dr. S. Rajalatha
Director Centre for Human Excellence

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