Centre For Faculty Development

Centre For Faculty Development

The Centre for Faculty Development at STC was started in the year 2005 with a focus on organising as many programmes as possible to enhance the quality of teachers who are the arch stone of personal and nation building exercises. Where the teachers are excellent, the youth will be excellent and the nation will be excellent. We believe that

  • Education at STC aims at man-making
  • CFD at STC aims at Faculty-making and
  • The real power of STC lay with the faculty

The CFD to dedicate itself to serve and help the faculty flourish as teachers, scholars and colleagues and enhance instructional innovations and effectiveness and support scholarly and creative activities including scholarship of teaching.

To make the faculty very essential at all stages and help them continue to learn, design and develop and teach courses, work as scholars and mentors who could inform, transform and empower the students to become excellent citizens with knowledge, wisdom and compassion.

To transform the faculty into excellent teachers in terms of values, character, domain and general knowledge, research pursuits, teaching skills, communication, paper presentation, publication, social orientation and contribution to national development and human welfare.

Three Segments of FDP

  1. Common FDP for freshers
  2. Third Saturday workshops and
  3. Refresher courses in November

The common FDPs are arranged during May/June of every year for six or seven days during which experts would be invited to train the teachers in the common areas like pedagogy, communication, students psychology, classroom management, curriculum design, syllabus, question setting, evaluation, innovative technology aided teaching method etc. It is called common orientation programme.

The third Saturday workshops are arranged on Saturdays of every months at department level to update the knowledge of faculty and the topics discussed and the training given are as per the requirements of the faculty of the departments.

The refreshers courses during November are arranged at the department level for six or seven days at a stretch when experts are invited by each department to enrich and enlighten the faculty with latest trends in the field and orient them with research pursuits, publications, paper presentation etc.

Director’s message
The top most priority of a government is education and a nation can develop and make itself strong economically and socially only through education and the teacher is the catalyst or the sole change agent who could inform and transform the students into excellent citizens the nation needs and effect a metamorphosis in the economy and social structure. It is the teacher who affects eternity and no one can say where the teacher’s influence stops. Such kind of teachers are the pillars of every educational institution and it is they who can make or mar the society. Where the teachers are excellent with spiritual orientation, no doubt, the students and the youth will be excellent in getting the desired objectives of education and the nation. The centre for faculty development established at STC aims to achieve all that is said above.

Advisory Committee for CFD
An advisory committee ably supported by patrons has been constituted with the prime objective of steering the CFD in the proper directions with the ideas and suggestions given by the members of the committee.


  1. Thiru S. Venkkatesh – Chairman, STC
  2. M.A. Vijayamoghan – vice-chairman, STC
  3. T. Sethupati – Secretary
  4. M. Settu – Director General, STC
  5. V. Venkateswaran – Principal, STC

External members

  1. Anandhavalli Mahadevan
    (Vice Chancellor(Retd) – Mother Terasa University)
    1/506-West Street, NATCO Colony
    Kottivakkam, Chennai – 600041
  1. Francies Jose
    Professor and Head
    Department of Commerce
    Loyola College
  1. L.S. Ganesh
    IIT, Madras
  1. B. Ramadoss
    Professor & Former Head
    Department of Computer Application
    National Institute of Technology
    Deemed University
    Trichirapalli – 620015
  1. A. Mohamed Ibrahim
    Head, Department of English
    Jamal Mohamed College
  1. R. Nadarajan, M.Sc, Ph.D
    Professor & Head
    Department of applied Maths and Computational Sciences
    PSG College of Technology
    Coimbatore – 641004
  1. R. Rajendran
    PSG College of Arts & Science
    Civil Aerodrome (Post)
    Coimbatore – 641014
  1. Sundar
    General Manager and Head
    Central Management – (Retd)
    Larsons & Toubro Ltd

Internal members

  • R. Padmanabhan, Dean Academic Affairs & Director CFD
  • K. Sivasamy, Dean Science
  • A. Sethurama Subbiah, Director, IAS Academy, STC
  • Janetius, Director, CCG
  • Venkatachalam, Dean, Commerce
  • Anuradha, IQAC, Co-ordinator
  • Mythili, Director (in charge) CRD
  • Sasikala, HOD, B.Sc(CS)
  • Kotteeswari, HOD, Department of English
  • Ramachandran, Department of MBA

Achievements of CFD
CFD started functioning right from the year 2005 and has performed substantially well in organizing as many prgrommes as possible towards achieving its mission, vision and objectives. It has invited quite a large number of renowned and experienced professors and experts from colleges, universities and institutes of excellence like IIT Madras, Bharathiar University, Madurai Kamaraj University, Loyola College, St.Joseph’s College, Jamal Mohamed College, Trichy, PSG College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore etc. The topics dealt with in the FDPs exceed more than 100 covering a vast area in which the faculty need to be instructed and trained like, class room management, students psychology, teaching through English and common mistakes committed in speaking and writing, pedagogy. Research and publications, Training in technology enhanced learning and teaching methods, Bringing delight in class room teaching, Question setting, evaluation and examination reforms, curriculum designing, active learning and creative thinking etc.

CFD by its continuous service has helped each and every faculty at STC to undergo training to a maximum of 120 hours in FDPs in a year.

Record of programmes conducted by CFD since inception

  • Common FDP                 –        18
  • Workshops on III Saturdays          –       204
  • Refresher courses during every Nov     –    53

Future plan
CFD at STC targets to evolve itself as a branded centre recognized at the regional and national level for conducting faculty development programmes. It plans to organise periodically teacher training programmes, conduct workshops in research and publications, curriculum design and refresher courses for updation of knowledge not only for its own faculty but for teachers of other institutions. It has a master plan of bringing out a half-yearly journal which would carry research articles, publication and articles on teaching, learning, evaluation process, use of technology for teaching purpose etc.

When STC becomes a university of excellence in a short span of time, CFD could become a Centre of Excellence for faculty development programmes.

“We are what we think
All that we are arises
With our thoughts
With our thoughts
We make our world”
                                – The Buddha


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