Centre For Counselling & Guidance (CCG)

Centre For Counselling & Guidance (CCG)

Counselling and Guidance services in schools and colleges is uniquely American educational innovation focusing on the complete development of individual students and faculty through a series of services designed to maximize academic achievement, stimulate career development, and respond to the personal and social concerns needed for individual growth. It is a cooperative enterprise involving not only counselors but also the participation of teachers, administrators, staff and other personnel in the educational institution.

Center for Counselling and Guidance in STC stands to provide care and support for students and faculty in their personal/social, academic, and career development. Thus, prepare confident, challenge-taking, responsible, and mature individuals, who can fit into business and professional atmosphere. It aims to serve the students and faculty by enhancing motivation and attitude towards academic performance, facilitate personal and professional development by knowledge, wisdom, and compassion.


  • To create a safe space for the student and faculty to share their issues and seek solutions
  • To enable students and faculty to be more open to seeking help, and breaking the stigma around counselling and other psychological services
  • To make individuals who not only to excel in academics, but also to have empathy, compassion and love.

Director’s Message
Talking helps. Talking more helps more. We have come a long way in terms of science and technology, and we are able to do things one wouldn’t have even dreamt about twenty years earlier. But still, there is an underlying stigma to Psychological services and the people seeking help from it. This needs to be changed, and the best place to facilitate such change is from an educational institution. If one has a physical injury, he goes to a doctor. Similarly, if one has an emotional or psychological problem, he seeks out a counsellor. The Centre for Counselling and Guidance at STC is taking steps to ensure that the students and faculty understand this, and encourage their fellow friends and family to do so as well, thus aiming not just at a campus-level change, but also on a larger, community-level.

What we offer:
The Centre for Counselling and Guidance at STC provides the following services to the students and staff.

  • Direct individual and group counseling to help faculty and students towards maximum development to become fully integrated, mature, and responsible individual
  • Testing and Assessment to assist students and faculty to achieve self-knowledge, personal and professional growth
  • Prevention/intervention services to facilitate adjustment to college life
  • Regular seminar/workshops for students and faculty on human development and personality and management of problem behaviors
  • Consultation, collaboration, advocacy, and program coordination to students, faculty, staff, administrators and parents or caregivers
  • Network with nearby schools and industries for collaboration and consultation services

Peer Counselor Services:
Peer Counselors are student volunteers, who have received orientation, available in the classroom, to help students with their problems, related to academic and mental health. A strong team of students are chosen as peer counselors and put into action from February 23, 2009 onwards.

Peer counselors expand the Counseling centre’s services to the classrooms and provide opportunity to gain special insight into the needs and problems of the group being served. The students, who serve as peer counselors, ultimately benefit from the specialized human relations training and the opportunity to help others, which contribute to their own personal growth and development.

 Annual Events

  • Mental Health Awareness in the month of October
  • Suicide Prevention week in the month of September
  • Human Rights day on December 10
  • Regular outreach to schools and communities by peer counselors

Major Events Organized in the Last Five Years

  • Philatelic Exhibition
  • Mental Health Awareness  in the nearby schools
  • Psycho-spiritual Development Program at Coimbatore Central prison
  • Gandhiji’s Photo Exhibition
  • Drawing Competition
  • Visit to the tribal settlement school at Sarkarpathy
  • Ozone Depletion Awareness Program at Valparai
  • Medical Camp for Narikkurava people at Ponnapuram
  • Numismatics Exhibition
  • Photo Exhibition in honour of Women day
  • Field visit to Marayur (Kerala) Tribal settlement
  • Human Rights day activities
  • Special motivation for students with arrears
  • Talks on social awareness and related issues
  • Talk on career choice for graduating students



Dr. Susheel Tharian MD., DPM,
Psychiatrist, Oddanchatram.

Dr. K. Nanthini MA (SW), Ph.D., MBA, Ph.D.,
Nehru Institute of Management Studies

Dr. U. L. Bhuvaneswari MA. M.Phil, PhD
Asst. Professor, Department of Psychology
Govt. Arts College, Coimbatore.

Dr. P. Willington Jebaraj MA., B.L., MBA, M.Phil, PhD.
CEO – Horeb HR Spectrum

Mr. P. Govindarajan MA., ML., (PhD)
Former DIG of Prisons

Dr. Sundararaj
Human Rights Activist, Mettupalayam.

Dr. M. Saleem M.A., MSW, M.L., Ph.D.,
President, Environment Conservation Group

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