Centre for Consultancy Services

Centre for Consultancy Services

Centre for Consultancy Services

Institutions initiated with good intentions would embark on good services to their constituency. They distinguish their services from the competitors with the highest benchmark. STC with good intention to provide educational services to marginalized rural students had grown in leaps and bounds. The sincerity to their shared vision has paid off significantly in attaining milestones in the growth path. There are nine centres of excellence in the organization contributing to the intellectual development of the students and faculty members. The Centre for Consultancy Services (CCS) is yet another milestone in the growth path of STC.

The ultimate objective of CCS is to make better use of the latent human resources in STC to the benefit of the society. It is a mutually benefitting proposition. Both the clients and the faculty members can benefit from each other through knowledge sharing and resource gaining from each other. The clients from industry, business, government and civil society can access the expertise available in the organization. This would equip the faculty members with new capabilities and processes that would enable them to deliver better services to the clients and students

Faculty members are highly experienced and energetic about supporting and challenging our clients in equal measure. We’re passionate about making a measurable impact in all we do. Our unique culture and approach deliver enduring results, true to each client’s specific situation.


Success depends on the vision not on the eye

Transforming into First Choice Consulting centre among the clients in the region


Engaging and making happy with their Job of faculty members to utilize their expertise and versatile experience in industry, business, government and civil society organizations by creating high levels of economic value to the clients in a mutually benefiting proposition and contributing in a significant way in nation building by doing the right things to our clients, our people and our community.


  1. To engage and utilize the resources of faculty members in a pragmatic learning
  2. To create social impact by providing services to the society
  3. To develop partnership with industries, business and civil society organizations
  4. To improve the quality of teaching with practical case studies
  5. To Create economic value to the stakeholders and society

Our Services

We are in the field of research and teaching in the fields of Management science, Information Technology, Social Work, Commerce and mathematics for the last two decades. We have done many research projects (67 to be precise) and many research publications in the form of articles and project reports. We have undertaken many outreach support with the NGOs, Government and marginalized people. Thus, we have built up a strong human capital in various domains. Hence, we intend to take up consulting services to make use of the human capital and complement its growth through pragmatic learning from clients in the following domains

  1. Software development for industries and business o9rganizations
  2. Customized information system development to organizations
  3. Monitoring systems for industry, business and social work organizations
  4. Management consultancy to organizations
  5. Export and import potential assessment for industries
  6. Evaluation studies to Social work organizations
  7. Research studies on customer satisfaction and market potential to business organizations
  8. Impact assessment of government programmes
  9. Capacity building support to social work organizations

Broadly our client base includes business organizations, industry, NGOs, equity firms and small startups.

Our Team

We have a team of smart and self driven faculty members who are diligent in getting results and building up good rapport with the clients. We have passion for pragmatic action and have infectious energy to build effective teams with clients. We are comfortably ensconced in a challenging task and collaborating with clients in creating innovative and productive systems. We learn from each client and develop internal capacities through mutual learning. Much as we have expertise in divergent domains, we have the attitude of one team and our team. We have an engaging and effective team to be in the frontline of teaching, research and consultancy. Our veritable strength is the collaborative working style and team work, trust, tolerance to divergent views and down to earth approach.

We have the faculty strength of 41 doctorates in various domains such as Information Technology, Computer Science, Economics, Social Work, Management, Commerce and Mathematics. We also have the support of around 70 MPhil research degree holders with lots of experience in research and consultancy. Thus we have a team of expertise in different domains to take us forward to a center of first choice in the region for consulting.

Our Ecosystem

In STC, we value partnership and collaboration with leading academic institutions, companies, organizations and well established professionals in different domains to better serve our clients. Our services intended to our clients access our specialized services and capabilities that would in turn complement our expertise through mutual learning. Our ecosystem reflects wholehearted and unassuming commitment to the clients as a complement to capacity development and mutual learning. STC believes consultancy and partnership with the clients as an investment on faculty members and cultivating a sense of partnership and better service to the stakeholders and society. Our ecosystem is very engaging and challenging to our team and our clients. We ascertain our clients a veritable solution and genuine results much beyond their expectations and we consider our client’s business as our own.

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