Inauguration of FINMAN Association

The inaugural function of FINAMAN Association of B.Com., (Applied Business Accounting) was held on 29th June 2017. The Welcome address was given by the President of Finman Association Ms.Alshifa Sahaina III B.Com ABA. The Presidential address was given by STC Vice-Chairman Ln.M.A.Vijayamogahn . In his speech, he stressed the importance of knowledge and wisdom and asked the students to be thankful to their Parents throughout their lifetime.

The HOD of B.Com Applied Business Accounting Dr.D.Padma introduced the office bearers and administered the Oath of office. The Association plan was read out by the Secretary of the FINMAN association Ms.K.Agalya II B.Com (ABA) .The felicitation address was given by Dr.A.Venkatachalam, Dean-Commerce, STC.

The Chief guest for the day was Mr.(CA) K.Ravi, Sr.Vice-President (Finance), Roots Industries Ltd., Coimbatore. He was introduced to the gathering by the Vice-President of FINMAN association Sri.V.Lakshman, II B.Com ABA.

In his special address to the students, Mr.(CA) K.Ravi has highlighted the importance of 5C’s in one’s life viz., Character, Courage, Communication, Commitment and Creativity. Further he also motivated the students to pursue professional courses like CA, CMA, and ACS concurrently by effectively utilizing the opportunities available from B.Com ABA department @ STC. He advised the students to believe in the power of positivity and also to take care of their health.

The Vote of Thanks was proposed by the Secretary of the FINMAN association Ms.Aishwarya I year B.Com. ABA.

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