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SHRISTI ’17 – Intercollegiate Meet

March 6, 2017

Events & Rules


  • No registration fee.
  • Participants should bring their college ID-Card.
  • Lunch and refreshment will be provided to all the participants.
  • A student can participate only in one event.
  • Necessary materials for the events should be brought by the participants.
  • Judges decision will be final.
  • The registration form should reach us on or before 03rd March 2017.
  • Send filled in registration form through e-mail to [email protected]
  • All UG students are eligible to participate
  • Each team should contribute members from the same institution only
  1. Brain Chop (Quiz)
  • 2 participants per team.
  • Preliminary and final rounds will be conducted
  1. Culture Fest (Fashion Parade)
  • Theme (Indian Tradition)
  • One entry per college
  • It is a team event. A team can have 5 members(including choreographer, participants and coordinator)
  • Time limit for every team would be 10 minutes.
  • Should carry their tracks in C.D or pen drive
  • Vulgarity is strictly prohibited. Any form of obscenity will lead to debarring the team from the contest permanently.
  • Use of cigarettes, alcohol any unfair means is strongly prohibited.
  • Teams will be judged on costumes, themes, walking stance and attitude.
  • Decision of the judges will be final and binding.
  1. Basel Convention (Best from Waste)
  • Two participants per team
  • Prepared items are not entertained
  • Duration is 45 minutes.
  1. Mock Press (Meet the Press )
  • Number participant per college: 2
  • The participant has to speak as the character/personality which is assigned to them for 1 minute.
  • Question – Answer round for 2 minutes allotted to the judges and 2 minutes to the audience.
  • Political and other provoking words are not allowed during the event which will be disqualified.
  • Once you get your public figure no request for a change is allowed.
  • The participants will be judged on the following facts:
  • Their ability of portraying the character correctly.
  • General awareness
  • The confidence to face and response to the crowd
  • Topic will be provided at the spot.
  1. Stag Strain (Solo song)
  • Participants can opt only Tamil Songs
  • Duration is 3 minutes
  • Contestants may not refer to lyrics written on paper, palm / any other medium.
  • Presentation should not be offensive / abusive in any respect.
  1. Ad Zap (Marketing)
  • Maximum of 5 will be allowed to participate in the event.
  • There will be 2 rounds conducted for this event (preliminary round will be conducted on the basis of number of teams registered).
  • Topic will be given on the spot.
  • The duration for performance will be 5 minutes.
  • Participants will not be allowed to bring any properties during the event.
  • The performance is judged based on the clarity in thought, innovation, humor, team co-ordination and expression.
  1. Decroux Play (Mime)
  • Each team can have 3-4 members.
  • The teams will be given a situation and a preparation time of maximum 5 minutes.
  • Time duration is 4-5 minutes for each team. Negative points for exceeding the time.
  • The act should not contain any dialogues, lip sync or properties.
  • No act shall contain any offensive, obscene, disrespectful actions or gestures. The act will be immediately stopped and the entry will be disqualified, if these instructions are not followed.
  • Points will be given on the basis of innovation, depiction of the situation, team work and expressions.
  1. Flutter Crew (Group Dance)
  • The music/song for the performance should conveys a theme (social cause)
  • No Profanity to be heard
  • The duration of the dance should not exceed 4-5 minutes, extension will be penalized by reducing points
  • Dance sequences exhibiting usage of drugs, cigarettes, and alcoholic beverage are strictly prohibited
  • Marks will be given on theme, creativity, music, stage presence, team work, dance variation and discipline
  • No explicit gestures, comments and movements
  • Dress and appearances will be considered
  • 5 member in each team

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March 6, 2017


STC Campus

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