• The Department of Psychology at STC had its modest beginning in the year 2014.
  • The department has introduced various innovative, healthy and unique practices in the academic curriculum.
  • The Psychology Laboratory contains various psychological test materials like Eysenck Personality Inventory, Ishihara test for Colour Blindness, Bell’s Adjustment Inventory, Stroop Effect Test, etc.,
  • Also we have popular apparatus based tests like Muller Lyer Illusion apparatus, Seguin Form Board Test, Tachistoscope, Concept Formation board, Size Weight illusion box, Trial and Learning apparatus, Maze Learning apparatus, Air puff apparatus, Steadiness tester, two hand coordinator and division of attention apparatus.
  • Some unique courses like Biopsychology, Psychology of Criminal Behaviour have been inculcated into the syllabus.
  • In order to learn more about case history taking in psychology, the final year students are given a paper titled “Case Analysis” – as a part of experimental psychology whereby the students could be able to learn more about case history collection and diagnosing a psychological problem.


Mr. V Ashwanth Kanna M.Sc., NET., SET
Head – Department of Psychology
Sree Saraswathi Thyagaraja College,
Pollachi – 642 107
E-mail : [email protected]



“Good Psychology should include all the methodological techniques, without having loyalty to one method, one idea or one person”

– Abraham Maslow.

With an Affirmative quote on “Psychology” by one of the best psychologists the world has ever seen, the Department of Psychology at STC functions very much in congruence with this quote. We provide an enhanced academic curriculum to the students being framed in such a way that every student gets fascinated by it and exerts his complete willingness to learn the course to its profound level.

At present, the Department has a total of 89 students hailing from not only Pollachi but from most of the districts in Tamil Nadu. A significant percentage of students have also been joining this course from the neighbouring states every year. The department very much ensures that the students gain the practical knowledge from the real world by encouraging them to undergo internship in either clinical or industrial or school area in their final year for a period of ten days. This will be a launch pad for them to determine their future in this stream.

The Psychology laboratory gets equipped with various apparatus based experiments so that the student could get an idea on how human behaviour and cognitive processes can be easily comprehended by means of various experiments. The students are encouraged to participate and present papers in various national/ international conferences right from their first year so that it could be a brilliant exposure for them into the world of research and discussions at various elite forums.

After completing the under graduation in psychology, the student shall be able to make a decision on his postgraduate career primarily based on his interest and capability. The scope in the field of psychology has been increasingly felt in the society today and the student could get an optimistic future by being in either clinical field or industrial field or in school settings.

We assure you all that by getting into this course at this institution, you will get enlightened by the realm of psychology and witness a progressive transformation in yourselves by the end of three years.



To emerge as a discipline with the focus on expanding Global Mental Health.

To inculcate the budding psychologists with in depth subject knowledge and effective psychological skills needed to be a successful professional in their fields.


  • To help the students become an effective professional in the field of Clinical/ Industrial / Counseling Psychology.
  • To apply theories and knowledge into real-life situation and facilitate career orientation based on aptitude and natural skills.
  • To make the students familiar with various apparatus based experiments in psychology by taking them to the Psychology laboratory.
  • To motivate the students in the future to create Indian theories of human behaviour and mental process.

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