STC Policy Statement

STC Policy Statement


Committed to imparting quality higher education and training to the disadvantaged youth from rural area leading to degree in “Arts, Science and Management” and aims at becoming a global institution through continual improvement of its scholastic ability and effectiveness of the quality management system by providing a state of art infrastructure, equipment and well qualified faculty for all round growth of the students.


  • STC commits to ensure all environmental rules and regulations and strives to protect our environment through effective environmental management practices, thereby assures a clean and healthy environment in the campus.
  • STC will prevent pollution by endeavouring to minimise waste generation and resource It is the responsibility of every stakeholder of the college by facilitating effective environmental management practices and also monitoring and implementing environmental compliance.
  • STC will establish and evaluate achievable environmental performance goals to ensure continual improvement of its Environmental Management System and to ensure adherence to the approved area development plans, which should be prepared in consultation with the local communities.


  • STC Information technology policy ensures that the effective use of the Institute’s computing and telecommunications resources by all means supports its educational, research, and organisational mission in the best possible way. By ensuring security of data intellectual property.
  • STC’s IT policies exist to maintain safe, legal and appropriate use of the STC’s information technology infrastructure. Security and privacy policies combine to ensure the institution with high quality, trusted, and secure computing environment.


STC is committed to create and support a research culture conforming to all applicable rules and regulation as well as to the established standards and norms relating to safe and ethical conduct of research among its teachers and students and leverage it for enriching and enhancing the professional competence of the faculty members; for developing and promoting scientific temper and research aptitudes of all learners; for realizing the vision and mission of the college and for contributing to national development by establishing an institutional fund and plan for facilitating their participation in research and related activities and by providing the required resources and appropriate facilities.


Committed to create an environment within the  college facilities that sustains teaching, scholarship and research; to maintain safe and efficient building systems by performing quality, cost effective maintenance and repair in an environmentally responsible manner; and to create a culture that values each employee, uses their individual talents and skills to the fullest and provides opportunities for professional growth and aiming to create a culture that values each employee, uses their individual talents and skills to the fullest and provides opportunities for their professional growth.


Industrial consultancy is vital in the growth of any Organization imparting higher technical Education. Continuing education enables us to reach to the outside world and contribute towards societal improvement at large. STC aims to be in the forefront of all these activities and thus be an aid in the national growth

Consultancy and industrial projects would only be accepted after approval through proper channel. STC would enter into any such industrial project or provide consultancy to it by signing proper consultancy agreement between the two parties. Such agreement would clearly mention the terms and conditions, financial aspects and related terms involved, institute liability, legal aspect, time constraints, deliverables, terms for revenue sharing and limitations of the project consultancy agreement.

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