Code of Conduct for Deans & Directors

Code of Conduct for Deans & Directors

All Deans shall report to Principal.

All authorities in the Academic line will be considered as teaching staff irrespective of class allotment or teaching hours for them. Hence, the rules which are applicable for the teaching staff members are equally applicable to these authorities also. In addition to these responsibilities the following are the additional responsibilities of the Deans as allocated below.

Departments that come under each Dean

  • Dean (Academic Affairs) – All Language Departments.
  • Dean (Physical Sciences) – All Science Departments
  • Dean (Mathematics) – All Mathematics Departments
  • Dean (Commerce) – All Commerce Courses including M.Com(IB)
  • Director (Management) – MBA, & BBA  Departments
  • Director(Computer Science and Applications) – CS / CA / CT/ IT and MCA Departments.

Deans: Committees

1. Dean (Academic Affairs)
a. Ad-Hoc Committees

  • College Calendar Committee
  • College Magazine Committee
  • Best Department Award Committee
  • Students Feedback Collection and processing Committee

b. Standing Committees

  • Website Management Committee
  • Newsletter Committee

2. Dean (Mathematics)
a. Ad-Hoc Committees

  • Anti-Ragging Committee
  • College day Committee
  • Sports day Committee
  • Enquiry Committee

b. Standing Committees

  • Students Grievance Redressal
  • Discipline Committee

3. Dean (Commerce)
a. Ad-Hoc Committees

  • Library & Department Stock Verification Committee (Reoriented)
  • Laboratory and Sports Stock Verification Committee (Reoriented)

b. Standing Committees

  • Library Advisory Committee

4. Director (Management)
a. Ad-Hoc Committees


b. Standing Committees

  • Hostel Committee
  • Canteen Committee

5. Dean (Mathematics) & Director (Management)
a. Ad-Hoc Committees

  • Admission Committee

b. Standing Committees

  • Placement Committee

The following committees will function directly under the supervision of the Principal. The coordinators / Chairpersons of the respective committees will function as conveners.
1.  Internal Examination Committee
2. University Examination Committee
3. Women Complaints Committee : The junior most teaching staff member  of  these  committees  shall  take  up  the  responsibility  of  preparing the  Minutes, record maintenance and communication in addition to the safe custody of the proceedings of periodic meetings.

Establishment for Deans
The Dean will be the Chairperson of each Deanery. The senior most staff member among the Heads of the Departments will be the convener of the meeting to be held periodically. Suitable teaching staff in each Deanery shall be given the responsibility of member Secretary. The member secretary shall take up the responsibility of preparing of minutes register, record maintenance and communication, in addition to the safe custody of the proceedings of periodic Dean meeting.

The Deans shall conduct meeting of department heads who come under the control of each Dean on first Monday of every month, without fail. If the first Monday happens to be Leave or Holiday, the meeting shall be conducted on the next working day.  The report of the meeting shall be sent to the Principal’s table on or before the closure of the following Thursday or at the end of the third working day of the same week.  The arrangement of meeting is the responsibility of the convener who shall prepare and circulate the notice, with the signature of the respective Deans, to all members with the help of the teaching staff members and college office.

Agenda (Mandatory)
The following shall be the mandatory agenda for each meeting.

  • Experiential, participative learning and problem solving methodologies
  • MOOC (Swayam / NPTEL / Spoken tutorials Etc.)
  • Projects (Minor / Major / Interdisciplinary / Industry)
  • Publications (UGC / Scopus / Web of Science / Books / Chapters / Edited Volumes)
  • Paper Presentations (Seminars / Conferences / Symposia)
  • Resource Person on Seminar / conferences / Symposia
  • Faculty Development Programme (Research workshop / Training Programme)
  • Activities through Department and Institutional MoUs.
  • Linkages with Institutions / Industries.
  • Effectiveness of Capability Enhancement Schemes
  • Any other matter
  • Direction from Dean / Director / Principal / Management – Implementation


  • The Minutes has to be duly signed by HoDs and Dean / Directors
  • The minutes of the meeting will be reviewed by the IQAC and will be submitted to the principal on quarterly basis.

3.  Responsibility fixation for all
All Administrative responsibilities shall be split in to various categories and shall be distributed among the staff members. This process is to develop the leadership qualities in the staff members and give administrative skill and experience to each of them, since the college is autonomous.

The Heads of Departments shall be given guidance regarding how to convene and conduct meetings, reporting to higher ups, acting upon the decisions taken in the meetings etc…


1, To chair the meetings of Deanery
Each Dean will be the chairperson for his respective faculty and the monthly meeting by the department. He has to convene his faculty meeting every month on the prescribed date and review the activities of the department regularly as per the agenda. In this process he has to provide direction to all the stake holders of each department under his control.

2. Convey information to Staff and students from authorities
All circulars and notices which come from the Principal, examination section, Bharathiar University and Government shall be circulated to Heads of Departments and making arrangements for communicating them to the target groups / individuals. A confirmation of passing of notified information to the target groups / individuals shall be sent back to the Principal.

3. To sign in all official notifications, and  circulars wherever necessary
At Deanery level, the Deans shall make official notifications at various circumstances to the departments under their control. All such notifications shall be done within the limits of the powers given to them as well as within legal limits. Two files containing these circulars shall be maintained (one for the Deans reference and another one for Deanery record purpose). Doubts in this regard can be clarified from the Principal. Apart from this, a copy shall be sent to ISO file.

4. To chair, co-chair or act as member of various committees
Any Dean may be appointed as chair person, co-chair person or a member of any sub-committee by the Principal. The consent of the Dean for such appointment is not necessary. However, prior information of such appointment shall be given to the Dean concerned and the views may be taken in to account depending on the suitability. Once decided, the Dean concerned has to follow the same.

5.  Act as a bridge between the staff and Principal.
Being a Faculty Head, he/she has to help the authorities in administration and guide the HODs, staff and students in their work. He is expected to help and counsel the staff and students in the academic as well as other matters.

6.  Administrative head at faculty level
A Dean is vested with all the required  powers to act as administrative head in the area of operations allotted him. If more than one Deans are given responsibility of an area, they can co-chair the meeting. In case of any difference of opinion the advice from the Principal shall be obtained. The advice of the Principal shall be followed in letter and spirit by all the Deans concerned.

7. Financial Powers of Deans.
The financial power of Deans is limited to the extent it is permitted officially and the account he is authorized to operate only. For other things he shall request the permission of the appropriate authorities. If any doubt arises, Deans have to get clarifications from the Principal.

8. To report all activities to higher ups regarding various events
The Deans are expected to communicate all activities and events to the Principal. In case of administrative matters related to these issues, they shall consult either the Principal or the Secretary.

Other Duties and Responsibilities of Deans

Each Dean of STC is an ex – officio member of the academic board.

The Dean would be in charge of one or more departments of related disciplines. The heads of departments under the control of each Dean would be reporting to the concerned Dean often and on all matter of academic nature.

The Dean shall have the following duties and responsibilities to perform:

  • Dean is responsible and accountable for the academic administration of the departments under his control.
  • Dean is responsible for evolving strategies and action plans involving the concerned HOD for the development and quality improvement of the department.
  • The Dean should have a thorough knowledge of the curriculum and syllabi. He should spearhead the introduction of innovative features in the curriculum and initiatives for  the periodic revision of the curriculum befitting the current trends and demands of the industry and the employment market.
  • Dean should act as a true Academic leader, motivate and train the newly recruited members of the faculty. He should oversee and monitor the faculty during the lecture hours and give constructive suggestions for their improvement.
  • Dean is jointly responsible for computing the manpower requirements as per work load norms of the department under his control along with the HOD and recommend the staff requirement to the Principal on an ongoing basis.
  • Dean is jointly responsible for library and other requirements of the departments under his control and takes necessary steps for providing the same.
  • Dean should be fully aware of the various requirements of different courses as per the Bharathiar University guidelines and ensure that such norms are fulfilled whenever inspection commissions of the university or other agencies visit the college.
  • The Dean is expected to interact with students periodically, review the student performance in the internal and end semester examinations, regularity in attendance, and monitor general discipline of the students inside the campus and take appropriate corrective or disciplinary action in consultation with HODs.
  • Dean should monitor the functioning of each department under his control, and act as a strong interface between the Principal and the Head of the department in implementing policies and programs formulated from time to time for improving the quality and effectiveness of teaching – learning process.
  • Deans should take all possible steps for enriching the quality of academic life by organizing guest lectures, seminars, conferences, industry visits, and encourage the staff to bring out publications, and participation in seminars, conferences and workshops by tapping funding source like UGC, AICTE, etc.,
  • Dean is responsible for effective conduct of sixth hour, soft skill development programs, career guidance and placement programs for the benefit of the students in coordination with training and placement cell.
  • Any other responsibility given by the authorities from time to time.

Dean Academic Affairs:
In addition to the above Dean academic affairs shall have certain additional responsibilities and powers.

 The Dean academic affairs has a key role to play in all academic matters to tone up the academic performance of all the departments and the overall quality and standards of students and enriching the teaching faculty with teaching skill, better communication and with comprehensive and updated knowledge through periodic FDPs, faculty assessments and counseling.

  • He / she all assist the Principal in all matters of academic interest.
  • He / she shall have the right to voice his / her view or opinion in all matters of academic interest as and discussions take place at a higher level.
  • It shall be the duty of the Dean Academic Affairs to look into all publications and hand outs brought out by the institution.
  • It shall be the responsibility of Dean Academic Affairs to prepare all reports / documents / write-ups that the institution has to prepare for a specific purpose or help the Principal in all such matters.
  • It shall be his responsibility to make periodic assessment of teaching faculty particularly the new entrants and submit a report with suggestions / remarks to the Principal / Board.
  • The Dean has to help the departments in organizing seminars, workshops, symposium, guest lectures, etc.,
  • The Dean academic affairs shall also take care of the following
    • Shall organize students’ feed back and staff appraisal periodically and report the same to the Principal.
    • To be the organizer of Ethics and Culture Program.
    • To organize FDPs for the faculty, other than those exclusively meant for the domain area.
    • To perform any other duty that may be assigned by the Principal then and there and involve in all the developmental activities of  the institution.

For carrying out the above responsibilities, the Deans shall have the following powers.

  • Create and sign all internal and external correspondence relating to academic matters of the departments under his control excepting communication to University, Government Authorities, UGC and AICTE.
  • Shall have authority to request for any service from computer lab, library, office or other service centers of the college.
  • Shall have the right to recommend OD and Leave to the staff in consultation with respective HODs for all eligible examination and other purposes as per College Policy.
  • Shall recommend expenses within the pre-approval budget for Secretary’s approval.
  • Shall have the power to indent stationary requirements of the departments within the sanctioned limit.
  • Initiate and sign all circulars and announcements relating exclusively to the Department as per the guidelines.
  • All instruction to staff members by the Principal shall be routed through the Dean.
  • In the event of his/her absence in the campus, Dean is authorized to  depute a HOD to attend the Dean’s meeting convened by Principal/Secretary.

Other Important points to be taken note of

  • All formal communications, applications or representations made by the staff members shall be routed through the HODs, Deans and Principal as the case may be.
  • Once a letter is submitted by a subordinate / student, it becomes official and he/she cannot reclaim the letter and should not request the dean not to take action on letter submitted.
  • All applications and letters submitted shall bear the written official reasons for the recommendation or refusal by the head of the department or dean.
  • The Principal and Deans shall submitted not take action on letters without the head of the department’s forwarding. These letters/requests will be considered incomplete except in extreme cases. In such cases the decision of principal is final.
  • In the absence of or on duty of the head of the department, the second in charge of department will discharge such duties carried out by the head of the department.
  • If applied for leave, the head of the department shall make suitable arrangements with the second in charge and get signature for his leave.
  • Exercises of powers given to Dean
    The Deans are expected to use the powers vested with them cautiously.  They shall keep in mind the interest of the Institution and the students and the staff members in taking any decisions.  There shall be no personal considerations or prejudicial in any type of official decisions taken.

The model of reporting system

Dean Meetings  –   First Monday of every month / Next working day.
Report from Dean to Principal  –   Thursday of the same week.
Principal to Secretary  –   Friday of the same week.  (Consolidated Report)
Secretary to Board  –   Second Tuesday of every month.
Directions through Secretary to Principal   –   Second Thursday of Second week.

Reporting procedure by Principal
Consolidation of reports submitted by all Deans and His own and, making written recommendations, opinions and comments, in consultation with Deans and forwarding the same to board through Secretary.


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