Guidelines to Author

Guidelines to Author

Guideline to Authors,

MANAGEMENT WISDOM – a Journal of Business & Management – is a bi-annual publication of the PG and Research Department of Management Science, Sree Saraswathi Thyagaraja College, Pollachi, Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu, India. It is to provide an avenue to academia & trainers, researchers and management executives to publish conceptual and empirical papers, research notes, book reviews and case studies in various disciplines of business and management. The contributions to the journal are expected to be original work by the author/s and are to be of highest quality.

The Editor of Management Wisdom is pleased to call for papers satisfying the said criteria. Following is the guidelines to the authors.

  1. All articles are subject to peer review and review by the Editorial Board
  2. The decision regarding the publication or otherwise of any article by the Editor.
  3. The construction of the manuscripts shall be as follows
    1. between 3000 to 4000 words (including figures and tables)
    2. No more than 3 levels of heading
    3. Foot notes to be generally avoided. Instead end notes are recommended, prior to the references
    4. typed using MS Word in 1.5 line spacing
    5. Times New Roman font of 12 point size
    6. Page length should not exceed 25 A4 size paper with 1” (2.54 cm) margin on all sides
    7. All tables and figures should be on the page concerned and not as any annexure. Figures are to be of high quality, original artwork and any lettering or line work should sustain reduction to the actual size of printing. Tints and complex shading may be avoided.
    8. All references in the manuscript should be placed at the end and arranged alphabetically. The referencing style as suggested by the American Psychology Association ( may be followed.
    9. An annexure of non-mathematical abstract of about 150 words.
    10. Another annexure giving authors’ profile in about 50 words.
    11. A declaration stating that the manuscript is not published, copy righted, accepted or under review elsewhere. A separate cover sheet indicating the title of the paper, full names of authors, their designations, name & full address of their institutions (& communication address if different), their personal & official email IDs, their mobile phone numbers, etc.
    12. A covering letter addressed to Editor, Management Wisdom, C/o Sree Saraswathi Thyagaraja College, POLLACHI – 642 107, Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu, India with a self attested passport size photograph of the author/s
    13. A certificate issued by the respective institution/s of the author/s certifying the identity of the author/s.
  4. Two hard copies of the manuscript (signed on all pages by the author/s) along with a soft copy in CD should be sent by courier / speed post to the Editor at the address given above and below. Soft copy of the manuscript shall also be forwarded to Editor by email to [email protected] .
  5. Copyright of all accepted articles will be with Management Wisdom.
  6. Each author will receive a complimentary copy of the Journal.
  7. No submission or review fee will be charged

 Format of Submission

  1. Title of the Paper
  2. Abstract – The abstract should be present briefly and clearly.
  3. Keywords – six to eight keywords
  4. Introduction – The major parts are Research context statement, Focus area to be addressed
  5. Literature Survey or Review
  6. Problem identification – Objective statement, Gaps or weakness in the research to date and how the paper will attempt to address the problem
  7. Research methodology – explain the methods and models used
  8. Results and discussion
  9. Conclusion, limitations of the study
  • Acknowledgements – include persons or organizations for the support rendered
  • Appendices if any
  • References – should list the author(s), title , publisher, publication, dates and page numbers for the first and last page. Follow APA style of referencing. All references are cited in the text and all citations are listed under references.
  • Bio data of the authors in a paragraph form

 Publication details

ISSN No : 2230 – 7257
Title : Management Wisdom – A Journal of Business & Management
Language : English
Periodicity of Publication  : Bi-Annual
Editor : Dr.R.Umamaheswari
Publisher’s Name & Address : Sree Saraswathi Thyagaraja College, Palani road, Pollachi – 642 107
Email : [email protected]
Phone :
Printed and distributed by : Mr.R.R.Bharat
Ace Data Prinexcel Private Limited
3/304 F Kulathur road,
Off NH 47 By-pass road,
Coimbatore – 641 062

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